A tool for you to track income and expenses, measure progress towards your targets, and see how much to save for tax.

Designed for the SW industry but useful for sole traders more broadly too. 


You're working your ass off (literally maybe!) so make the most of it.

This spreadsheet is a downloadable document (or you can save a copy in your Google Drive folder). You edit your copy. We do not see your data unless you choose to share it with you (like if we're you're accountant or you need help with it).

*Specifically designed for individual and sole trader Australian tax residents for this Financial Year.

Record Income

Enter your cash and other income easily, and quickly see averages, forecasts and progress against your targets.

Track Expenses

Either enter expenses as a lump sum, or individual transactions, so that profit and tax calculations are more accurate.

Estimate Tax

See your profit (to date) and forecast figures, including an estimate of your tax bill for this year, and how much you should have saved today.

Download your copy today

Grab a copy of this template spreadsheet for under $50.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that the tax estimates are guides only. They are based on the data you input into the spreadsheet, and they assume you are an Australian tax resident operating a sole trader individual structure. They are not intended to be exact calculations but rather a reasonably accurate estimation of your potential tax bill, to help you save ahead of tax and avoid surprise tax bills you feel unprepared for.