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The Real Thiel presents: REAL MONEY TALKS They didn’t teach us this stuff in school, but class is in session and it’...

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Xero Set Up & Training Course

Get your Xero file set up right, right from the start, and learn how to do your own bookkeeping and read financial re...

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Studio Ninja Set Up & Training Course

Take your photography or videography business to the next level with Studio Ninja, and connect it to Xero to streamli...

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Top 10 Tips

Lauren has been running businesses for 15+ years, and working in the arts for even longer. Along the way she has lear...

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Budgeting 101

Budgeting is not a dirty word! In part one we’ll cover the ‘theory’ of budgeting. We believe knowing your intentions ...

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DOWNLOAD: Car Expenses PDF

Record your car records, ready for tax time. In this PDF, you will find: Explanation of how to claim for use of y...

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DOWNLOAD: Bills & Expenses PDF (free!)

We thought this might help!  It can be tough to remember all the different expenses and bills we have coming up - wh...

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