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The Real Thiel offers tax, accounting and coaching services for creatives and small businesses.


Is it all getting a bit much? Let us take care of it. We can handle the tax compliance and reporting needs of you, your sole trader business, partnership, trust or company. Everything from income tax, to GST, CGT, FBT, PAYG-W. We’ll act as your representative to the ATO, collect mail on your behalf, provide templates and resources to get you organised and informed, and be available to you all year round for questions.



Good data in means good data out. We want you to have useful financial information that you know how to read. We can work with you on regular bookkeeping or just help out every now and then as you need. See coaching services for more information on how we can empower you to do this yourself.



Let’s catch up every month, look over your financial reports, address risks and challenges, and figure out how to make the most of every opportunity. I will hold you accountable, be there for advice and ideas, and can be a great listening ear too. Most of us in small businesses are sole-operators and it can be super beneficial having someone in your corner.



We can work with you to figure out the right structure for you and your business activities, and then we can manage the set up, registration, documentation and everything for you.



Just need a quick chat? Get a quote for a consult meeting.


Personal finance

We can work with you on developing a more positive relationship with money. We’ll work closely with you to figure out the truth of where you’re at now, and the path forward. No judgement. Together we establish targets and a budget, and then we catch up every week to keep you accountable. We will get you back on top and in control of your money.


The Real Thiel


All of our clients have access to our troubleshooting and advice 24/7. Our fees are fixed so you can feel confident reaching out with whatever you need - big or small. We provide you with useful, easy to read information, we’ll translate the tricky stuff into layman’s terms, give you templates when you need them and anything else you need.

What it's like to work with us

You can access our expertise in person, or online from anywhere in the world. We utilise Google Drive Cloud Storage and have a wealth of online templates and spreadsheets, so we can work together whenever and wherever.

Face-to-face isn’t the only way to connect with someone. If you don’t want, or we can’t meet (social distancing perhaps), that’s fine. We’re happy for video calls in your PJs, phone calls or slide into our DMs – we’re very flexible.

We also don’t pump out tax returns, we get to know you and your business so we can help you achieve your goals and build a sustainable creative career. We have extensive experience in the arts sector and a great network of professionals, including lawyers and financial advisors that we’re happy to recommend if you need.

With The Real Thiel you can feel comfortable to ask any question and know the answer will be explained clearly by someone who cares. All of our clients agree it’s our personal touch that sets us apart and we can’t wait to work with you.

"Since working with The Real Thiel, Lauren has helped me set the foundations to take my business to the next level. Her passion towards helping others achieve stands out from the second you meet her."

Kosta Mastromihalis
Founder & Personal Trainer

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