Money talks - but what on earth is it saying?

Take control of your business finances with this little e-book by the accountant for creatives.

Money tips & tricks for creatives, by creatives

I’m Lauren Thiel, The Real Thiel, accountant for creatives. I’m on a mission to help other small business owners run better businesses. I am a Chartered Accountant and registered Tax Agent, with a huge passion for the arts. As a dancer who never imagined she’d be an accountant, I understand your world and your business.

Your gut is good, and you should listen to it, but you and your business might just be ready for a bit more clarity, certainty, and confidence.

If you are:

  • running around working on your business with no real clue what your profit might be...
  • looking at your sales and then at your bank and wondering where the money has gone...
  • going super well but you want to make sure you stay on track...

this e-book is for you!


Available now for just $17.99

This e-book will help you plan, budget, and measure your business performance!

Financial planning

Learn how to plan for your longer term goals like ‘I want to make $250k per year’ or ‘I have to have a salary of $80k by year 3’.


Learn how to set targets, allocate resources, and monitor your progress throughout the year.

Performance tracking

Learn how to pivot, tweak, push harder, or maybe even take a break and reward ourselves.

Understand your business better with this little e-book

Running a small business involves more than just making, marketing and selling products or services. It means you (sometimes unfortunately) need to do bookkeeping, budgets, pay tax, and keep an eye on the financial health of your business.

In this e-book, you will learn about:

  • Financial statements
  • Profit & loss
  • Tax of profit
  • Balance sheets
  • Measuring financial performance

and more!

Money talks - but what on earth is it saying?

Grab a copy of this little e-book today for $17.99 and learn how to take control of your numbers.