The Real Thiel

Not your average accountant.

The Real Thiel

Not your average accountant.

The Real Thiel is NOT your average accountant. You can access our expertise in person, or online from wherever you are in the world. We utilise Google Drive Cloud Storage and have a wealth of online templates and spreadsheets, so we can work together anywhere, anytime. And if you don’t want, or we can’t meet face-to-face (social distancing perhaps), that’s fine, we’re happy for video calls in your PJs, phone calls or slide into our DMs – we’re very flexible.

We also don’t pump out tax returns, we get to know you and your business so we can help you achieve your goals and build a sustainable creative career. We have extensive experience in the arts sector and a great network of lawyers, financial advisors and other professionals that we’re happy to recommend if you need.

With The Real Thiel you can feel comfortable to ask any question and know the answer will be explained clearly by someone who cares. Our personal touch is what sets us apart – with The Real Thiel you get an accountant with accountability.


"The Real Thiel is the REAL DEAL! Lauren has revolutionised my life with her wisdom, ingenuity, efficiency & oozing positivity. She helps clear the cloud of accounting drizzle and lets the sun rays of understanding shine through. Her initiative, attention to detail, motivational encouragement & industry knowledge are second to none. I highly recommend her services; she has changed my business and my life!"

Makeup Artist


Why we do what we do

Working days in a Big 4 accounting firm, and after hours in my creative pursuits, I watched fellow dancers, comedians, visual artists and designers connecting through their creativity, but being misunderstood by their accountants or confused by financial consultants.

This is when I had my ‘light bulb moment’. I see accounting as the language of money, one I can translate. It was then I realised I had a valuable way to help my fellow creatives and the reason I started The Real Thiel.

“With an accountant dad and a visual artist mum, Lauren Thiel was probably always going to create a career somewhere in the middle”. - ARTSHUB

At The Real Thiel we educate, empower and motivate creatives by providing tax, accounting and advisory services so you can be free to focus on your creative work. We value the arts in more than monetary terms which is why we are committed to helping build a sustainable creative community – it’s why we do what we do.


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