Meet the people behind The Real Thiel.


Founder & Principal

Lauren Thiel IS The Real Thiel. She is a registered tax agent and Chartered Accountant with a passion for the arts. As a stage performer, Lauren co-founded her first Company, a dance school, at a young age. The Real Thiel was founded after realising that her creative friends and broader community needed someone in their corner who could ‘speak money’. Switching between suits and sequins frequently, she may be one of the only accountants who knows all of the moves to “single ladies”. Lauren still contributes to the creative industry on and off stage in various roles, including as a Board member (Treasurer) of Cabaret Fringe Festival.

Lauren is your primary point of contact and will be the accountant looking after your tax and accounting needs. You are way more than ‘just a number’ to her.



Senior Accountant

Mike joined The Real Thiel in July 2019 all the way from the Philippines. Not only is he a whizz behind the keyboard, he has a passion for singing, and has recently started learning the ukulele. Mike works behind the scenes helping get all your data organised and making sure everything is ready for Lauren’s expert advice and review.   


Junior Accountant

Geraldine works closely with Mike in the Philippines, joining the team in June 2021. Geraldine brings 5 years of experience in the banking and business industries, and a personal passion for visual arts and crafts. She will be working away in the background helping clients to prepare their tax returns, stay organised, and feel confident with their business books.


Marketing Director

Steve is responsible for our marketing strategies. He implements my vision for the company while keeping everything in line with our brand identity and core values.


EA (stands for Everything Assistant)

Our office manager works ‘backstage’ on proposals, checklists, documents, signatures, making sure Lauren eats and sleeps… everything! Reach Erin at [email protected]


Creative Director

Mia is responsible for making us all look good! Our branding, styling and graphic are all thanks to her. It’s a tough job to make accounting and tax beautiful, but I think we can all agree she nails it, right!?

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