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A recipe for success

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2018

Successful Business

A delicious, multi-layered, treat that you can be proud of wherever you go...

This recipe has heaps of ingredients but only a few steps. While the taste of success is sweet, results may vary. 

Time: way longer than you think
Cost: heaps of money

Feeds: you + hopefully your team, if followed closely


  • 1 base cake of work ethic (the natural variety)
  • 1x good idea that customers want or need
    This can be hard to find - not usually available in your local supermarket!
  • 1x target market (be sure to pick the right one)
  • 2 cups of customer service
  • 1x vision
  • Equal parts: blood, sweat and tears
  • 1 pinch of spice and sass
  • 2 pinches of sweetener


  1. Check that you have your work ethic base cake
    This is something you develop beforehand and use to build your business cake on. If you build the business cake on a crumbly base it will fall over.

  2. Make the product or service
    Start by taking your good idea and whipping it into shape. You can call your friends or family to help. Make sure the idea is whipped until solid. Then you can taste it and try it, and maybe ask a few others what they think too. 

  3. Add you product / service to the target market
    Start slowly, adding a little bit at a time... take your mix and add it to the target market to ensure it doesn't curdle. Stir it around about, feel it out, and see that the two mix well together.

  4. Check for risks and weaknesses
    Before you go much further it is important to make sure that you are prepared for your cake to flop and not rise (emotionally and financially)... check the oven temperature now, clean all your equipment and kitchen, ask for help if you need it...

  5. Spare bowl of finance
    In a separate bowl, make sure you have some finance - you will likely need to inject this into the cake mix over the next (infinity) time. Hopefully the cake will eventually self generate this ingredient, but just have some there in case!

  6. Build your platform and plan
    Once you know the mix is a good one, take your vision and use it to add colour, style, and flavour to your mix. This should be unique to you. It needs to visualise who you are, what you do, and your values. Everyone is going to remember the flavour, so this is important. 
    *hint: you can remove a bad after taste by adding the 2 cups of customer service.

  7. Now to make sure your cake will rise
    This is the step no one particularly likes, and many people get wrong, but it is KEY to making a delicious big ol cake - blood, sweat and tears. 

  8. Bake and Enjoy
    Put the cake in the oven and watch and monitor it closely. It is a LONG process.

Before serving, add the spice, sass, and sweetness on top.


Now it's time to invite all your friends and strangers over to try it out, to share it with their friends, and to hopefully put in some orders!




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