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WEEK ZERO: Joining Accodex

Well, my friends, I have taken the leap of faith and signed the contract to officially be an Accodex Partner. 

Accodex is a business intelligence and support network enabling freelance accountants to optimise their businesses. Think of it like this - if you work as a Partner in a firm, there are heaps of people working with you; HR, marketing, tech, etc. If you go off and start your own firm, you have to be all of these business functions and just have a crack at it, hoping you are doing it right. Before you know it, you burn out or forget a client, or become so busy working in your business to bother working on your business. 

I am still me, The Real Thiel. I am now also an Accodex Partner.

So I made the decision on August 10th 2018. This is a decision I have been playing with for 504 days (according to Chris Hooper - CEO, who has been tracking me as a "lead"). 

I'm going to be honest... it took me this long to join for two main reasons:

  1. Gaining Experience & Education
    Chris was my mentor and naturally, we spoke a lot about his business but alas I was in my first few months at KPMG and was not quite ready to run off and start my own accounting firm, no matter how much I knew that's what I wanted to do. So, I did the right thing; I studied and received my Chartered Accountant recognition, worked full time for a few years in the industry, and slowly built my side hustle into a full hustle.

  2. My Ego
    I'm a very confident and self-assured woman and as such my ego had me believe I could do this on my own. While I know that is true, we all need to know our limits, our weaknesses, and the opportunities that exist when we ask for help. The thing is, Accodex is a business too and of course charges for the help and support they give to freelance accountants. Fair enough. I just didn't want to pay them for something I could do or outsource to other people, for what I thought would be cheaper.

So why did I join?

Well here are my top 3 reasons:

  1. Big Dreams
    I have huge plans for The Real Thiel. I will change the world for creative small business people. I estimate there are ~30,000 potential clients out there in Australia alone. This means I am going to be extremely busy. I also want a cohesive team with a positive culture and a common goal. Outsourcing is good... to a point. I have built my business thus far by calling on mates and others to help with marketing etc. But, the business I am dreaming of needs an "in-house" team that is focused on The Real Thiel, where their interests are aligned with mine, their tech is sophisticated, they are innovative and hard-working. They say you should hire people who are better than you. That's what I am doing. 

  2. People
    I have known the Accodex HQ team for a few years now, and I have known myself for 27+ years... the thought of running my own business, from my home, all alone, makes me really sad. I am (literally) 100% extroverted. One reason I joined is because it means I have a team of people to interact with, to communicate with, and to see in the office. I love the community and family feel that Accodex has - everyone sees the Company vision and is doing their part to get us all there.
    Surround yourself with positivity.

  3. The Story
    If you have ever heard Chris speak you will understand how I have fallen for this but Accodex has it's own big dream for the future of the entire accounting industry. There's no way I am risking being 20 years down the track, running my moderately successful business, looking out my office window at my ever-evolving competition... Accodex. 

If you can't beat them, join them.

So here I am... about to give this a shot. I am really hoping this move is the right move because my business is my baby, and this comes at some risk and some cost. But I love the team at Accodex and I see their vision. I want to be a  part of that story.



p.s. I will blog about my experience the whole way through in case there are any other accountants out there following the journey and wondering what life is like on the inside :)


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