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Per diems, Allowances, and Reimbursements

Apr 26, 2023

Are you spending money and getting it covered by your employer?

It may be one of these 3 forms:

  1. Reimbursements
  2. Per diems
  3. Allowances

These are all important forms of compensation for creatives in Australia. These payments help to cover expenses that may be incurred while on the job, such as...


Travel Expenses

Aug 24, 2020

Oh the places you’ll go! 

Your job or your business activities might require you to travel nationally or even internationally. These trips come with added expenses, so it is important to understand what records to keep and what you might be entitled to deduct at tax time.

What are...


Buying a Car, Deductions and Fringe Benefits Tax

Jul 18, 2020

In a previous blog on car expenses, we touched on buying a car in your company and possible FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax) implications of providing cars to your employees. Let’s jump in and explain it in more detail.

Is a car an asset?

Yes, a car is considered an asset to your business (even if...



Jul 12, 2020

I appreciate you… and I depreciate your assets.

What is Depreciation?

Depreciation is how we account for an assets value becoming reduced through time and use. It is the measure of decline in value of an asset used by a business to generate income. Assets depreciate at different rates and...


Car Expenses

Jun 23, 2020


The Vengabus is coming and I hope they’ve done their log book!

Our friends at the ATO appreciate that sometimes we have to use our cars for work so they allow us to make a deduction for that, but there are some really specific rules on who can deduct, for which...


Donations (good for them, good for you, good for me)

Jun 03, 2020

Growing up I was taught by my parents that even with a little, we have a lot to give. From the days of having $5 pocket money, to now, I have been putting aside something to give to others. 

Artists have shown their generosity in spades recently, whether the donation is something of value...


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