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DOWNLOAD: Car Expenses PDF

Record your car records, ready for tax time.

In this PDF, you will find:

  • Explanation of how to claim for use of your car. This explains the two options: log book and cents per KM. You can also check out our blog on the methods here.

    Then choose to use ONE of these (both included in doc.):
  • Log Book template. Record your personal and business trips, odometer readings, and tally so far. Do this for 12-weeks, and then confirm your business-use-%. Record your car-related expenses throughout the year too on the expenses page.

  • Cents per KM template. Record just your business trips, for the full year. Then you can apply the ATO rate to this, ready to deduct in your tax return.

Watch the video above for a preview!

Download the document and print whichever pages are relevant for you (for whichever method you apply). Record your KMs (and maybe your expenses), then scan or take photos of the records and upload them or email them through to your accountant, ready for tax time!


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