TAX: a crash course for small business

Tax sucks, I know. 

The thing is though, you have to comply with the tax laws and to do that, I think you need to understand them... well, at least the basics anyway! 

In this course I go through everything you need to know as an individual, a sole trader, and / or a small business owner:

  • So, here's what we are going to cover:

    1. An Intro to Australian Taxes
      1. Income Tax
      2. GST
      3. FBT
      4. Payroll Tax
      5. CGT
    2. Who you are in the eyes of the ATO
      1. Residency and Source of Income
    3. Income Tax - deep dive!
      1. An overview of how it works
      2. Assessable Income
      3. Allowable Deductions
      4. Trading Stock
      5. Depreciation
      6. Calculating your tax payable (or refund!)
    4. GST
      1. What is it? How does it work?
      2. Registering for GST
      3. GST liability
      4. GST credits
      5. The math (don't be scared)
      6. Reporting and admin
    5. FBT
      1. What is it? How does it work?
      2. FBT benefit
      3. Car fringe fringe benefit example
      4. Expense payment fringe benefit example
      5. Property fringe benefit example
      6. Meal entertainment fringe benefit example
      7. FBT payable
      8. Reporting and admin
    6. CGT
      1. What is it? How does it work?
      2. Capital vs Income
      3. CGT assets and events
      4. CGT cost base
      5. CGT indexed cost base
      6. CGT discount cost base
      7. CGT capital loss
      8. CGT exemptions
      9. Foreign residents and record keeping
      10. Summary
    7. Tax Entities
      1. Intro - different tax rules for different entities
      2. Individuals & Sole Traders
      3. Trusts
        1. Intro
        2. Distributions
        3. Gains and Dividends (+ franking)
      4. Companies
      5. Partnerships
        1. Intro
        2. Partnership Income
        3. Partner Income
      6. Small Business Entities
    8. Being organised and prepared for tax

    And then wrap it all up in a nice little bow. 



Seems like a lot I know, but don't be scared! I pride myself on making the info easy to follow and understand, and I drip feed it to you over a couple of weeks so there's no pressure and no rush. Learn at your own pace. 

I promise you will learn something new, and something helpful that will empower you to make better decisions for your business. It should save you time and money because you will go into those meetings with your tax accountant with knowledge... you might even be able to do your own tax

In just a few short weeks you'll be feeling like a tax superstar... get ready to impress. 

Tax has never been so easy or enjoyable!




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