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Budgeting 101

Budgeting is not a dirty word! In part one we’ll cover the ‘theory’ of budgeting. We believe knowing your intentions for the year ahead, using your actual numbers from the past, and giving yourself some structure, will help you have a better relationship with your money and allow for less stress about pesky things like tax bills and lumpy cash-flow.

This budgets package includes all 3 parts (from our Real Money Talks series):

  1. Budgeting concepts
  2. Business Budgets
  3. Personal Budgets

This first episode will give you the foundation for parts two and three, where we’ll help you build your own personal and business budgets. 

They didn’t teach us this stuff in school, but class is in session and it’s time to level up with Lauren!

Whether you’re the type of person that gets overwhelmed by money stuff or someone that doesn’t mind the numbers side of life, this is the series for you. Not everyone had good money examples growing up or studied accounting, and yet all of us have to manage our money. Getting on top of your finances can be so helpful in feeling secure, confident, and having peace of mind that you’re doing the ‘right’ thing when it comes to your finances.

Lauren Thiel, founder of The Real Thiel accounting firm, presents a monthly online workshop series with each session covering a different topic, relevant to creative small business owners and individuals. From budgeting, to superannuation, to tax and cash-flow management, we have the knowledge and we’re going to give it to you in REAL terms that’s easy to understand.


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