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Studio Ninja Set Up & Training Course

Take your photography or videography business to the next level with Studio Ninja, and connect it to Xero to streamline your bookkeeping.  

This course is specifically designed for small business owners, in Australia looking to set up Studio Ninja. This software is specifically designed for photographers and videographers, though it could be used by others in the creative industries with some customisation.

What we cover:

  • Set up & choosing the right plan for you
  • Settings
  • Calendar connections
  • Email connections
  • Template emails, questionnaires and contracts
  • Products and Packages
  • Workflows
  • Contacts, Leads and Jobs
  • Quotes and Invoices
  • Applying payments
  • Integrating with Xero

This course is still useful for you if you are not using Xero.

After 10+ years of doing these Xero + Studio Ninja set ups as a one-on-one service, Lauren has figured out the best order to do the set up in and knows what to look out for along the way. So she has built this course to make the information and training more accessible (she can't help everyone who needs it if she has to do it in the format of one-on-one consults), and affordable (this is about 1/3 of the cost). 

This course is offered as on-demand video content. 

The team at The Real Thiel can still be booked for consult meetings or Studio Ninja/Xero assistance along the way if you need (for an additional fee). The goal is though that we have pre-empted all your likely questions, and offered answers in this program already.


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