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WEEK THREE: Just call me "fireman Lauren"

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2018

I'm going to be honest... I considered giving up this whole weekly blog idea.

This week has just been SO incredibly busy with client work, "labs" (the online learning stuff), and some personal stuff, it seemed impossible to make the time to be creative and write this piece.

Do you find that?

Do you need mental "space" to write?

I sure do!

Generally I block out a few hours a week to chill out, reflect, and write. But, this week did not go to plan at all. 

This week was about putting out fires... the blog, the labs, the tax returns all went out the window while I was busy saving the house. Just this week alone I had 3 (yes 3!) of my clients come to me with accounting emergencies!

For me, clients come first. 

Sometimes that means one client has to come before the others.
I am hoping the "others" understand that if it was their emergency I'd be pressing pause on someone else's work for a moment while I solve their problems. 

I have a few clients on "retainer" which basically means I am their on-call friend who understand finance... so when shit hits the fan, call Lauren. 

I'm hoping next week (week four) ends up a little more like I plan it!




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