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WEEK TWO: Tax to the max

Fantastic news everyone - I have clients! 

It's funny, often we set up businesses with just a concept or idea, and a gut feeling that it will work... but with no customers.

I was fortunate to join Accodex with an existing client base, but it is awesome to how quickly the business has grown in just these last few weeks. 57 leads and 15 new potential clients... I love that because of what we built in week one, I can easily measure my lead conversion, and the opportunities I have in the pipeline.

The more clients I have, the more creative businesses I am helping!

So what have we done in week two?

  • Xero migration certification 
  • Xero advisor certification
  • Receipt Bank training
    p.s. if you need help with either of these I am now "officially" able to help you!
  • Another blog... this one!
  • Streamlined the workflow process even more
  • Made my first real Accodex sale :)
    This is a big relief and a big win by week two!
  • Learned about the Accodex invoicing system (basically they invoice my clients for me and then distribute my share to me once a month)
    It's a strange feeling not doing the invoicing myself because it's been a big part of my job for so long... but it is certainly a relief and is saving me time. They send me a breakdown of business revenue and fees each month so I still have full vision over my business and it all automatically syncs into my own Xero file. So that's awesome!
  • Prepared my first tax return using Xero

It's been a week of actually doing the work.

I love the sales and client facing parts of my job, but at the end of the day, I do still need to get the 'real work' done. This week was about my clients and making sure they were being looked after.

Actually, everything is about looking after the client

The better organised I am, the better trained I am, and the more experience I have, the better it is for my clients. 

I encourage you to think about what you are doing in your business right now and whether it truly adds value to your client.




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