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Receipts and Expenses

Mar 20, 2024


Your options for collecting and storing the right evidence!

I see you… the overwhelm of getting everything ready for tax time is REAL. 

Do you have all your invoices and receipts?

Bank statements?

… but are they all stuffed in a box under your bed? Or in...


Xero STP Phase 2

Dec 21, 2022

STP = Single Touch Payroll

STP is a function that the ATO introduced that requires employers to process their payroll (weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.) and report to the ATO that payroll information each time. It is ‘single touch’ simply meaning it is a pretty straightforward...


What is Inventory?

Nov 22, 2022

Inventory is a just fancy word for stock - think products, things, physical stuff you sell to your customers. 

There are three main types of inventory. 

  1. Merchandise/products that you’re reselling (i.e. buy it from someone, sell to someone else), 
  2. Products you sell as a part...

Pay As You Go Withholding

Apr 01, 2020


PAYG-W stands for Pay As You Go Withholding. These are tax amounts that the employer withholds from their employees' salary and wages, to then be paid to the ATO on their behalf. Businesses also withhold money from contractors who might have voluntary agreements in place and...


WEEK TWO: Tax to the max

Aug 25, 2018

Fantastic news everyone - I have clients! 

It's funny, often we set up businesses with just a concept or idea, and a gut feeling that it will work... but with no customers.

I was fortunate to join Accodex with an existing client base, but it is awesome to how quickly the business has grown...


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