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Pay off debts, save for a house (or whatever), and keep on top of bills! 

We love a spreadsheet but sometimes having something more tangible helps. This is a downloadable PDF you can print, laminate and stick on your fridge or office door. Give yourself a plan and then record (and reward) your progress.  

In this PDF, you will find 17-pages of visual aids:

  • Expense Tracking: we provide a list of common personal expenses, to inspire and remind you, so nothing gets forgotten from the budget. There are spaces then for you to note amounts and how frequently you make payments - petrol might be weekly, rent monthly, and car rego annually. The other columns leave space for you to calculate how much to put aside every week for that expenses to save in advance.
  • Debt Tracker: one page for each debt. Note the amounts, term length, repayments etc, then note your plan for repayments. You can mark them off as you go to quickly see your progress. 
  • Build a Buffer: this is your own safety net - it replaces a credit card or loan, and should give you the feeling of financial security. Plan how you will save up for this buffer, and mark each milestone off to clearly see how far you have to go to reach your target.
  • Save for something special! Figure out your target, break it down into smaller milestones, and then record (and reward) your progress.

There are a few different ways we visualise each of these, so you have options!

Download the document and print whichever pages are relevant for you.

You might like to laminate it too - that way you can easily update it if frequencies or amounts change over time.

Use this in conjunction with our blog on debt, and Budgets 101 Course to really get on top of your money stuff.


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